Welcome to Gallery Phones

Disappointments, frustrations and sometimes outright embarrassment sums up the pain that individuals deemed to have a poor credit rating go through whenever they seek to be approved for bad credit mobile contracts. The situation was further compounded by providers’ unwillingness to compromise and accommodate those with a less than perfect credit score. Gallery Phones saw this as an injustice of sorts and decided to set up shop assisting those that were seen as unfit to get a mobile contract simply because of the status of their credit. Irrespective of where you are situated in UK or the status of your credit score, we can promise to assist you snag a perfect mobile contract for your needs.

How we came to be

Gallery Phones saw a void that needed to be filled and therefore set out to help scores of UK citizens who had for long been suffering rejections simply because their credit score was not perfect. We observed that even those with an average credit score got denied an opportunity to be approved for a contract and therefore said there is a way we could do things.

It’s against this backdrop that we started offering bad credit mobile phones to target those who had perennially suffered the indignity of outright rejections every time they sought for a mobile contract. Our mission and objective is to help as many people as possible get approved and enjoy the perks that come with bad credit mobile contracts. We started Gallery Phones with the main objective of ensuring that we help as many people as possible apply and get to enjoy the benefits that come with a mobile phone contract.

What makes us different?

At Gallery Phones, we don’t offer lip service but ensure that we meet all the needs of our customers as regards mobile contracts. We have risen above the fallacies surrounding people with bad credit to come up with a plan that co-opts them and ensure that they enjoy the same benefits as those with a healthy history. We have a solid reputation, solid track record and continue to ascribe to total quality management principles in our attempts to exceed the expectations of our customers. We understand that ultimate customer satisfaction cannot be achieved without continuous improvement. In this regard, together with our highly trained and qualified personnel, we continue to offer top notch services with the needs of our customers in mind. We believe that our customers are our most important asset and our success is pegged on how satisfied they are with our products and services and as well as how the same are executed.

What we promise

When you approach us, we can promise to treat you with utmost professionalism and give you proper and sound advice to help you make an informed decision. We promise to offer you diverse bad credit mobile phones plans to give you a wide array of choices. We promise not to castigate you based on your credit score or give you second class treatment simply because of the status of your credit score. We promise to be your partner and help you get a mobile phone contract in tandem with your budget and needs. We promise you excellent customer support and moral support all through your period of engagement with us.

Get approved today

If you have struggled to get approved for bad credit mobile contracts and residing anywhere in the UK, this is your chance to put a smile on your face by approaching us for assistance. Our record speaks for itself as we have been instrumental in helping thousands of people get a mobile contract deal of their choice without having to break a sweat. All you need to do is make your intentions clear and we can assure you of an approval within 24 to 48 hours. We are here for you.