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(1). Who can apply for a bad credit mobile contract?

- As the name insinuates, a bad credit mobile contract is designed for individuals with a less than average credit score or who simply have bad credit as a result of a history of defaults or even CCJs. That aside, a person needs to be a legal citizen of the United Kingdom, be in some form of employment with a regular income and must not be below the age of 18 years.

(2). How do I go about applying for a mobile phone contract?

- At Gallery Phones, applying for a mobile phone contract is as easy as walking in the park. You can either apply from our brick and mortar premises/offices or you can also do it conveniently online. You simply need to state your intent of our bad credit mobile contracts, provide the required information, meet the basic requirements and you will have your contract approved within no time.

(3). Do you perform credit checks and does it impact my approval or rejection?

- Credit checks are mandatory in the United Kingdom whenever a person is applying for a contract. However, please note that the status of your credit score does not in any way inform the approval or rejection of your contract. At Gallery Phones, we do not use credit checks as a limiting factor but rather as a means through which we can hook you up with a better deal in tandem with your budget and needs.

(4). Can I still be approved even if I have a history of CCJs?

- While we endeavor to help our customers get approved, we also need some form of commitment from them. In this regard, for you to be approved if you had a history of CCJs, we will require that you make a substantial upfront deposit to act as mitigation.

(5). Is it a requirement to pay an upfront deposit if I have bad credit?

- Yes. Considering that we do not take into consideration credit checks, we also need some form of cushioning if we are to remain in business. We therefore require that you pay a small fee upfront before you can be approved. This money is held in lieu for you and will be refunded to you together with interest provided that you were diligent and that your account with us is in good standing.

(6). Since credit score are not a factor, what could make my application to be declined?

- At Gallery Phones, we do not factor in credit scores before approving your application. In as much as approval is almost always guaranteed, there are instances where your application can be declined. For one, errors in your application can lead to your application being rejected. Secondly, willful provision of inaccurate information while applying will lead to outright rejection!

(7). How many bad credit mobile plans do you offer?

- At Gallery Phones, we believe that our customers need to have a choice and there is no better way to do this than to offer them with a variety of plans to choose from. We are cognizant of the fact that our customers have different financial strengths, needs as well as tastes and preferences. We therefore do not limit them to a single plan but rather provide several for them to choose.

(8). What kind of handsets are on offer?

- While we offer all handsets you could think of, those applying for bad credit mobile contracts are not allowed to choose latest high end smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung galaxy and so forth. These handsets are very expensive and incredibly shoot the cost of your contract while in the same breath increasing our risks.

(9). What is the minimum commitment period for bad credit mobile phones?

- At gallery Phones, we require those applying for bad credit mobile contracts to commit for 18 months in the least.