About Us

Mention the word “Gallery Phones” and what comes to mind is a top tier mobile phone provider across the United Kingdom that has been steadfast in helping thousands of UK citizens get approved for a mobile phone contract. We have been instrumental in helping UK citizens with a poor credit rating enjoy the perks that come with a mobile contract. For long, such individuals were forced to go for SIM only contracts or Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans. However, with our bad credit mobile contracts, we have been able to help these people to equally enjoy the same benefits as those deemed to have a perfect credit history do.

From inception, we have been at the forefront of advocating for bad credit people to be treated equally as those with a good credit rating. As a result, we came up with bad credit mobile plans to accommodate UK citizens with a poor credit rating enjoy the perks that come with being approved for a contract. In our attempt to offer the best services, we have within our staffs highly trained and qualified personnel committed to advising and giving our customers the best advice when it comes to application as well as approval of a contract. We do not use credit checks as a deterring factor but rather as a means through which we can hook up our clients with the best plans.

With so many UK citizens satisfied with our services, we promise to continue scaling the ladders to offer even better services in the future.